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FAQ – About photographing your dog!


Hello and Welcome!  We are Tom and Lucy Miles from Milestone Imaging, the professional photographers who created the 2018 Denver Dogs Calendar. 

We are available to photograph your dog(s) and are including a $40 coupon with the purchase of each calendar that can be applied towards a photography session fee.  This can make the gift of the calendar very valuable to anyone who may be interested in getting professional portraits of their dog(s). 

Please read through the Frequently Asked Questions below for more information:

What is the price of the session?

Sessions booked through 12/31/17 are $99.  When the coupon is applied, the price would be $59.  Booking a session means we have scheduled a shoot on our calendar (date, time and location).  Payment for the shoot is due at the time of the shoot.  The actual shoot date can be after 12/31.

Photography sessions booked after 12/31/17 are $149 so with the coupon, it is $109.

If I buy multiple calendars, can I combine coupons in one shoot?

No.  We will honor coupon per session/client.   It is not redeemable for cash.

How long will the session take?

A dog photo session usually takes from 30 minutes to an hour.  It just depends on the dog(s). 

What locations are available?

We live in Thornton and are happy to drive within the Denver metro area.  If you have a certain location in mind that is further, please contact us to discuss.  Most sessions are at parks or in front of a certain landmarks (like the ones in the Denver Dogs Calendar).  We can also shoot in front of your home, in the backyard, etc.  We can make suggestions on good locations near you and are always open to your ideas.  Some locations such as Red Rocks or state parks require a permit and/or photography fee.  We would add this fee to your session fee.      

Can you do an in studio shoot?

Certainly!  Please contact us for details.   Additional charges may apply.  

What if the weather is bad?

We don’t shoot in the rain, heavy snow or extreme cold or wind.  That’s just miserable for everyone (ok, maybe not for a Malamute).  Unfortunately rescheduling sessions due to weather is sometimes a reality.  We make sure that we have each other’s contact info and as the day approaches, watch the weather carefully.  If we do have to reschedule we try our best to accommodate your schedule.  This is why we do not charge for shoots until the day itself.

Does my dog need to be off leash?

Absolutely not; safety is our top priority.  Most dogs are on leash and leashes are edited out in post processing, for purchased images.  We do not usually edit out collars so please have your dog in a collar that you like.  If you don’t want dog tags in your images, please remove them as well.  We also may replace your leash/clasp with ones that are easier to edit out. 

What if my dog is completely unruly?

Let’s face it, some dogs are nuts including ours!  If you know that your dog will do poorly in a public place, let’s plan on something quieter with fewer distractions such as a yard or small park.  If your dog is aggressive towards strangers, we would prefer not to photograph your dog.  We also have the right to refuse or discontinue a shoot if the dog is very fearful or showing aggression.

What if my dog won’t sit still?

We have a lot of trick up our sleeves.  We try treats, toys, various noises etc.  We can also try running shots if that works better.  We cannot guarantee 100% that we will get awesome images but with our experience the odds are pretty good.  We haven’t had any complaints yet!

Do I get the digital files?

Digital files are available for purchase after the shoot and are not included in the session fee.  The session fee is for our time photographing your dog(s), post processing of your images, and a private password protected viewing gallery on our website.

How many dogs can I bring?

Unless your dogs are super well behaved, it’s not realistic to shoot more than three in a one-hour period.  If you want something with more dogs, let’s plan for a longer shoot.  Additional charges may apply. 

Can I add my kids or family?

Yes, family sessions with dogs are awesome!  Just keep in mind it realistically will be a family session or a dog session but there may not be time for individual dogs and then family.  Let’s plan for a longer session if that is what you want.  Additional charges may apply depending on the length of time involved. 

How will I choose the pictures and products that I want to purchase? 

The proofs from your shoot will be uploaded to a gallery on our website for viewing.  From there you choose your favorites.  Leashes are not yet removed in your proofs.  That will happen only on images that you purchase.  Most clients come to our home showroom for an ordering appointment.  This lets them see all the products and we can help with choosing images, sizes etc.  There is no minimum purchase and we are happy to help in any way we can.

How much can I expect to spend?

Most clients spend anywhere from $100 to $500 after the shoot.  It all depends what you want.  Small prints will be on the lower end, and large framed artwork will be more.

Can I book my shoot on a weekend?

Yes, but remember that we are wedding photographers; some summer and fall weekends may be booked, but not always; please contact us for availability.  If you want fair weather and beautiful color in the spring, summer or fall, we suggest a late afternoon or early evening weekday shoot.  During times of the year when it stays light longer, we can shoot after normal working hours.

More questions?  We are happy to answer them!

Just email us at:  or or contact us through our website.

Happy Holidays and we hope to hear from you soon!!

Tom and Lucy Miles