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Photography Session Gift CertificatesDog photography session gift certificates by Thornton based photographers Tom and Lucy Miles of Milestone Imaging.


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Happy Holidays Everyone!


We are Tom and Lucy Miles of Milestone Imaging.  Learn more about us in the blurb below.


When people see and like our dog photographs and decide that they want a photo of their dog, we have to explain one very important fact:  this stuff doesn't just happen!  There are so many factors that play into a great image.  The images you see are very planned out.  The subject, location, light, time of day, concept, and expression are all carefully considered for each session.  By providing a high level of communication and education to our clients can we produce quality images.  



That's why this is Not Your Average Gift Certificate!


Have you ever received a gift certificate only to forget about it, lose it or have it expire?  Did you feel awkward making contact to claim it?  We don’t want that to be the case with your dog photography gift certificate from Milestone Imaging.  As a matter of fact, we want quite the opposite!

Step one after a gift certificate is presented to a dog loving human, is to have the recipient register with us by sending us an email telling us they received a certain numbered gift certificate.  We will respond and gather valuable information about our future client.  We want to know whom he/she is, what kind of dog(s) do they own, what part of town do they live in, what activities do they do with their dogs etc.

With their permission, we will add them to a specialized email list just for clients and future clients who are interested in a dog session.  This is where the communication and education comes in as mentioned above.  This will keep our clients up to date on everything that is going on and give valuable information and ideas on where to shoot, what time of day, what light we are looking for, concepts for shoots, etc.  If they have questions or are ready to schedule their session, we will always be just an email away.

We also will invite our gift certificate recipients to our Facebook group just for dog people interested in a session.  This is where we will share ideas and post the images we take and other clients can say "that's what I want"!  We can interact with each other and plan group sessions with others who share in dog craziness!  It's great to connect with like minded people and also fun to combine a few clients to shoot at a special location.


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About Us


We are Tom and Lucy Miles, a husband and wife photography team who own Milestone Imaging.  We established our business in 2013.  We are based in Thornton, CO, and work out of our home which can be converted into a studio.  We shoot lots of wedding, engagements, events, families, babies, business head shots and dogs!!   

Some photographers are very specific to one niche which is great.  We find, however, that it boils down to similar factors:  subject(s), light, scene, concept, purpose, and emotion/feel. 

By considering each of the above factors, we have learned to shoot lots of different types of photography.

Tom is the lighting expert and makes sure that our images or technically correct.  Lucy balances that with the emotional factor.  We are very down to earth, easy going and fun.  We believe that creating a good experience for our clients is just as important as producing great images.

We were married in 2005 and it was the second time for both of us.  We established our blended family with three kids and now they are grown.  We have two dogs and a horse, so lots of subjects to practice with!


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The Holiday Dog Photography Gift Certificate Promotion 


So here is the low down on the promotion.  We are offering a gift certificate for $199.  This includes the fee for a session for up to two dogs from the same household.  Additional dogs can be added for $30 per dog.  Although we can take a shot of the owner and dog(s) together, this is not a family shoot.  Please contact us if you are interested in adding children and other family members to a session or want another type of gift certificate.  This promotion also includes an 11x14 metal print.  Metal prints are photographs printed on an aluminum base.  There is no other medium like it for showing colors brilliantly.  The print has a mount on the back with a hanging bracket, it can go from box to wall in minutes.  Metal prints are easy to clean, durable and won't fade.  

We combined a session with an end product so the gift would be complete without the recipient having to spend more in order to have the finished product.  Please note that digital files are not included with the session.  Additional products, wall art, prints and digital files can be purchased separately.  

And finally, this is a great deal and can certainly be purchased for yourself!!  We ask that you go through the same process so we can keep track of everything.  This session/metal print combination will not be offered indefinitely.


OK, ready to get in on the action?  Simply complete and submit the form below.  The gift certificate is a "hard copy" and will be mailed to you in a gift box.  It will have instructions for the recipient to contact us to register their certificate.  There is a shipping charge of $9.50 added to the invoice for standard shipping, gift box and dog treat.  If you want to purchase the certificate for yourself, we will send you a gift receipt and add your info to the data base of recipients.          


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