All About Shiny and Bright - 2018 Holiday Family Portraits 



So what is a Shiny and Bright specialized photography session? 


A specialized session (or you can call it a mini session) is aimed at photographing one very specific setting or concept.  In this case, a family outdoors at Christmas time in front of their decorated home.  


Holiday family photography, Christmas family photographyShiny and Bright Photography SessionsHoliday photography session by Milestone Imaging in the from of your home!


We are professional photographers, Tom and Lucy Miles of Milestone Imaging.  Please feel free to browse our galleries on this website to view our work. 


Appointments for holiday photography sessions are available through the end of the year. Appointment times begin at sunset through early evening.  All of your holiday lights are lit and the house looks amazing (that hard work has paid off)!  Your family then bundles up and steps out to the front lawn to take a family portrait with your decorated home in the background.  We will do some images with the entire house in the background and some closer in such as on the front porch.  We can also do individuals of the kids, parents, dog etc.  The goal is to end with a few one of a kind amazing images of your family and home.


And let’s clarify something.  A “family” is any unit, in any amount or combination, of people (and pets) who love each other.  If you are thinking you can’t do this because you are a single parent, don’t have kids or whatever; that's not the case at all. 


So, yes, you do need a house and front lawn.  Those are the logistics to this particular session.  If you don’t have a house and want a portrait, just contact us to plan for another type of session.   


The best thing about specialized photography sessions is they are short and simple. Forget about the long, painful two-hour session that everyone dreads.  Forget about waiting in line to take a picture with Santa while your two year old is in complete meltdown mode.  Forget about leaving your dog home because it’s too much of a hassle to bring him along.  Sessions will NOT interfere with already busy schedules, take up precious weekend time and make everyone complain.  Instead, we show up, set up and you come out and play for 20 minutes.

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Cost of the Session  


The session fee is $99.  This includes our time, travel, equipment set up, session, and post processing of the images. The session fee is payable on the night of the session and can be paid online.    


The session fee does not include prints, products, wall art or digital files.  Those are sold separately.  Please see our Post Session Pricing Guide.  It is also at the bottom of this page.


There is no minimum purchase and we have offerings to fit many budgets but most clients who love their images spend an additional $200 - $500 on top of the session fee.   


After your shoot, we will edit and load up the images on our website and give you a private website gallery so you can view your images.  You can then review the product descriptions.  To order, complete an online order form that gives us all the details about your order and submit.  From there if there are customized products such as holiday cards, we will get to work on creating a draft for you to approve. Any cards, ornaments or prints that you will be mailing out or giving as gifts should be ordered as soon as possible after the shoot.  For holiday cards that you are planning to mail out, final orders should be placed by December 7.   All post session orders are payable before the order is placed.  Most items will be drop shipped from our lab directly to you.  

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Preparing For Your Session


  • Remember it could be cold and windy.  Keep that in mind when planning the family’s wardrobe.  If you do decide on sweaters only etc. make sure you have plenty of layers underneath.  With this kind of shoot, coats, hats and mittens fit right in.
  • Make the session your own!  If you are into skiing, feel free to put on your skis.  Wear matching hats, sweaters or scarves.  Hold lanterns or other items.  
  • Turn on all your holiday lights as well as the lights in the rooms at the front of the house (we can make adjustments when we see how everything looks)
  • Cars should be out of the drive way as well as any trash cans or other distracting items
  • It takes us about 15 minutes for us to get everything set up.  You can stay warm inside until all is ready. 

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How Do I Sign Up?


Do you have questions or would you like to set up an appointment?  Please Contact Us  through this website, email us at [email protected] or call us at (303) 587-7113.  Let us know what day and times work best for you. We prefer this to automatic bookings so we can ask questions and learn about your family.  The Shiny and Bright Holiday sessions are limited as we are only two elves.  Please don’t delay if you think this is something that would create a lasting heirloom and memory for you and your family.